Community Health Trusts are an important option for the rural health sector in New Zealand

What is special about Rural Community Trust health care facilities?


By the community, for the community is the essence behind the rural health facilities.


• The organisations have been developed by community work, often through donation and hard physical work to a standard that the community is proud of.

• The Trusts are community owned and governed by their voluntary boards which provide representation of and feedback to the community they represent.

• Trusts being community owned have the opportunity to be responsive to community need in a timely and responsive manner.

• Being community focused there is an expectation that triple bottom line factors are addressed, hence not for profit. Surplus goes back into the business and social/ economic factors are likewise important. Cascade effects are higher staffing ratios, excellent workplace practices with good equipment and reduced accident rates.

• Individual focus promotes care near to and involvement of the family. Continuity of care in the community the person knows and understands is a great benefit. Adjunct to this, volunteers that the individual has often been associated with continues and this association enhances the whole quality of that care. Voluntary groups also have a feeling of ownership of their facility and feel comfortable integrating with it.

• Commitment of the staff towards both the clients and the organisation promotes the goodwill and workplace pride. There is often the belief of ownership in the business from which stems a vitality and demonstration of caring.

• Inherent in the care that is provided is the need to strive for the best. Respect & dignity are values that all clients deserve along with quality care and an appropriate environment, so it is the organisations responsibility to ensure that staff has the knowledge through good education and training to perform effectively in their respective roles.

• Best practice is promoted and can be measured and quantified through benchmarking.

• Viability & sustainability are essential for a business to continue providing services and a Community Trust is no different, so every opportunity is being used to maximise resources by sharing knowledge, taking advantage of purchasing agreements and acknowledging that there are a multitude of economies of scale even between small operators.

Provision of rural health care is a Governmental priority; without us the system would fail.

Community Health Trusts are an important option for the rural health sector in New Zealand

Community Trusts in Care Aotearoa Ltd: The Company supporting rural health facilities in innovative health care excellence.

CTCA enables the shareholders and members to work in a multitude of ways to maximise their performance for the ultimate benefit of the client/individual who is seen as the pinnacle of the triangle.