Currently there are nine Community (health) Trusts that have formed a company. It has evolved over the last four years from collegial discussions through a memorandum of understanding and subsequently the legal formation of a company in November 2015.


The respective Trusts are the shareholders and the senior managers of each Trust are the Directors of the company.




52 Ward Street, Taumarunui
Anna Looby
P. 07 896 8131

Hillview Trust

 7 Hospital Rd, Te Kuiti

P. 07 878 6904

Rangiura Trust

17 Matai Cres, Putaruru
Jeff Bennett
P. 07 885 1040

Beattie Community Trust

172 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga
Lorraine Gray
P. 07 873 8789

Moana House Trust

3620/353 Tairua Rd, Whangamata
Anne Watts
P. 07 865 9643

Te Kauwhawta Retirement Trust

8 Pilgrim Pl, Te Kauwhata
P. 07 826 3541

Cambridge Resthaven Trust

6 Vogel Street, Cambridge
David Hall
P. 07 827 6097

Pohlen Hospital

56 Rawhiti Ave, Matamata
Suzanne Lawes
P. 07 881 9100

The North Waikato Care of the Aged Trust

76 Rosser St, Huntly
Fiona Morgan
P. 07 828 9396

The primary objective of the company is to foster cooperation between the Shareholders, being non-religious community affiliated healthcare trusts predominately with aged care facilities and all being registered charities under the Charities Act 2005, as they work together in a multitude of dimensions for the ultimate benefit of the healthcare consumer in their communities and to achieve the charitable purposes of each of the Shareholder trusts.

The initial focus was to secure purchasing agreements with companies through economies of scale and this has proved to be very successful with a range of supplies. These arrangements provide either discounts or rebates.

We have negotiated service agreements for activities such as auditing, compliance of equipment, sharing IT for some Trusts and working towards establishing many other appropriate supports.
Collegial support has been immeasurable and educational opportunities are actively pursued, such as contracted health care professionals.

At the corporate level both the shareholders and the company have taken opportunities to develop and have a greater shared understanding of managing the challenges of future focused organisations.

If you would like more information about this organisation please talk with any of the managers of the above facilities.