CTCA Organisation

Currently CTCA have nine Community health Trusts that have worked to form a company.  This evolved over a four-year period, from collegial discussions, development of a Memorandum of Understanding and subsequently, the legal formation of the company in November 2015. Initially there were eight Trust with an additional Trust joining in 2018.

The respective Trusts are the shareholders and the Senior Managers of each Trust became the Directors of the company. Now there is a separate governance directorship.

The primary objective of the company is to foster cooperation between Shareholders, being non-religious community affiliated healthcare trusts predominately with aged care facilities and all being registered charities under the Charities Act 2005, as they work together in a multitude of dimensions for the ultimate benefit of the healthcare consumer in their communities and to achieve the charitable purpose of each of the Shareholder trusts.

The initial focus was to secure purchasing agreements with companies through economies of scale and this has proved to be very successful with a range of supplies.  These arrangements provide either discounts or rebates.

We have negotiated service agreements for activities such as auditing, compliance of equipment, sharing IT for some trusts and working towards establishing many other appropriate supports.

Collegial support has been immeasurable and educational opportunities are actively pursued, such as contracted health professionals.

At the corporate level both the shareholders and the company have taken opportunities to develop and have a greater shared understanding of managing the challenges of further focused organisations.


At the shareholders annual general meeting, the director positions are available for election on a rotational basis. There is an independent chairman, four representatives of the shareholders and two from the operational group.  As of 2019 the Directors are: Mr Barry O’Donnell (independent Chair), Mr Jos Van Loon, Mrs Lisa Ware, Mr Neil Bateup, Mr Stuart Gower, Ms Anne Watts & Mr David Hall.


Organisational Team

The organisational team are the senior managers of each of the facilities. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss general facility matters for shared wisdom and determine strategic decisions as appropriate. The team have worked through service opportunities and considered the benefits for the group before taking on contracts. Rebates have been an effective way to fund business cost and subsidise education. The team also provides operational guidance for the directors.


There is provision for non-shareholding facilities, which are not for profit and share similar values to CTCA, to apply for associate membership. For a small annual fee, they can benefit by gaining access to some of the bulk purchasing arrangements.

Community Trusts in Care Aotearoa Ltd